Surface Cleaning Spray is Top for Hospitality Industry January 09 2014

Operators in the hospitality industry can expect clean table tops while ensuring that their furniture is undamaged, thanks to the launch of Relay Spray, a new surface cleaning spray.

The multi-surface spray, designed by Eves specifically for the re-laying of table tops during service, comes ready to use in a 1ltr trigger spray bottle.

Specially formulated to be gentle on the lacquer used on contract wooden table tops, Relay Spray ensures the longevity of hospitality furniture. The new surface cleaning spray does not cause tables to become tacky to the touch like they do when cleaned with disinfectants on the market. 

Nicola Sutcliffe, Sales Manager at Eves, said: “Furniture is one of the biggest spends when refurbishing a venue so it’s important to look after it to reduce long-term running costs – it’s as simple as changing your cleaning spray to Relay Spray.”

“The surface spray solution can be used on all front of house surfaces and is recommended by contract furniture manufacturers as the best cleaning spray to be kind to wood, whilst ensuring that your table tops remain in tip top condition.”

David Ponté, co-founder of Brasilian barbecue chain, Cabana, started using the product in his restaurants, explained why it’s the obvious choice for operators.

“We love our tables at Cabana, made from old cheese boards and reclaimed oak.

At last someone has come up with a spray that keeps our tables clean without making them sticky. The staff are happy, the customers are happy and I am happy!”