About Relay Spray

Relay Spray was born because Restaurants, Bars and Cafes have been using Kitchen sanitisers on wooden tables believing this to be the correct thing to do.

Heavy duty industrial kitchen cleaners literally melt the lacquer on wooden tables giving them that 'sticky' feeling even when they are clean. We've all experienced it, sit down at a table, its sticky, and you immediately question whether the table is clean. It probably is, its just been cleaned with the wrong cleaner.

Relay spray unlike other cleaners on the market, has a gentle formula, which is safer and more pleasant for both the user and your customers. It comes ready to use so there are no chemicals to mix, helping with speeding up service and stock control.

And its great value! A 1L bottle of Relay Spray will clean approx. 300 tables! That can be as little as half a pence to clean a table.

Relay Spray is exclusively sold by Warings Furniture Ltd

All prices exclude VAT which will be added at 20%

VAT No. GB802994515