Wholesale Cleaning Products From Relay Spray

Relay Spray is one of the top cleaning products designed specifically for the hospitality industry, including restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and cafes.

Unlike many other multi surface cleaners, Relay Spray is specifically designed to clean service areas without any damage to the surface.

Other multi surface cleaners can harm the surfaces of contract tables and leave a sticky residue after cleaning, and an unpleasant scent for nearby diners during table re-laying. Unlike most wholesale cleaning products, Relay Spray is designed for use at the front of house so it avoids all of these issues, and actually cares for the table tops, and prolongs the life of the contract tables in your restaurant, hotel or bar.

    Because the majority of wholesale cleaning products were designed for use on stainless steel work surfaces in kitchens, they tend to be harmful to polished and lacquered wooden tables surfaces, eating away their surface and leaving them with a sticky coating.

    It is these features that make Relay Spray one of the best restaurant cleaning products for restaurant managers and pub managers, and large chains looking to keep their contract tables in top quality condition,.

    Price is volume based, and we would welcome the opportunity of quoting on your requirements. For larger enquiries contact our sales team on 01953 499919 or email sales@relayspray.com