Relay Spray: The Multi Surface Cleaner For Table Tops

Relay Spray is a multi surface cleaner designed specifically for the wide range of table tops used primarily in restaurants, cafes, hotels and pubs. The multi surface cleaner has also been created to be especially kind to the lacquer used on contract wooden table tops – which tend to get tacky to the touch with other cleaning sprays not specifically designed for front of house use.


Relay is unique in the multi-surface cleaner market because although it can be used on all surfaces including granite, marble, plastic and metal,  it is  also formulated to be kind to the finish of wooden table tops that can be damaged by disinfectant sprays.

Because the majority of restaurant surface cleaners were designed for use in kitchens on stainless steel work surfaces, they tend to be harmful to wooden or lacquered table tops more commonly found in the front of house, eating away at the polish or lacquer and leaving them with a sticky coating.

Relay has been specially designed for tables in cafes, restaurants and hotels, with a formulation that ensures your tables stay in tip top condition throughout their life.

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